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Category: Laos

The unrepeatable adventures of two foreigners down the Nam Ou river (Phongsali to Muang Khua)

I had a pretty vague idea about where we were and an even vaguer idea about how we could get out of there. It was midday on a Sunday; I was sitting on a plastic chair in a small shaded area in a desolate village market; I needed to go to the bathroom, I was hungry, and the heat was intense. Almost no locals were around. A few meters from me, D., the Australian I…

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Endless road to Phongsali

In retrospect, my decision to travel to Phongsali, one of the northernmost towns in Laos, was a highly masochistic tribute to the saying “The journey is the destination.”  Unlike Thailand, Laos is somewhat in the early stages of tourism, the infrastructure is still being built or expanded, and, as a result, visitors are mostly sticking to the same routes. Guide books funnel tourists coming into Laos from Chiang Khong in Thailand down the Mekong: an…

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