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Kuala Lumpur, a patchwork of contradictions

For my first full days as inglorious traveler, I explore the different facets of Kuala Lumpur. I join an unofficial city tour led by a friend of the hostel, M. from Iran, a student in Kuala Lumpur, trying to save enough money to bike across India and Pakistan. He takes us to Indian and Chinese temples, museums and mosques, cheap eateries, and the religious bazaar that is Batu Caves—all in all a good introduction to…

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The moment the airplane door opens, I already know I will be exposed to a temperature 52 C degrees higher than where I left from. I summon my memory of heat in order to get ready, but nothing really prepares me for that first gush of hot, humid air. The sensation is so strong and the impact so sudden, that even before getting to my hostel the borderline ridiculous thought of taking the next flight…

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January 23, 2016

10:00pm local time at departure airport. 3:00am local time at destination. When you fly at 11,000 meters, time is only defined by the routine of the flight attendants. I don’t yet speak the language of long-haul flights, so I glance furtively at the freckled young girl sitting next to me to figure out what to do with all the airline branded objects surrounding me. She slides gracefully into her role as passenger and I try…

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